Now that I am a future groom, what are my responsibilities?

Traditionally, all a groom had to do was show up on the big day. Not anymore! Today, grooms are just as involved in the wedding planning as the bride. 

Although most of the planning is primarily handled by the bride (along with her wedding planner 😉), there are responsibilities that the groom should take lead on.

Here are my top five:  

1. Choosing your best man and groomsmen. 

Deciding who stands by your side on what will be one of the most important days in your life, cannot be a quick decision. When deciding who will stand by you on your big day, you want to choose the people who have been present in your life, and will take the responsibility seriously. There are investments, as well as duties, involved in being a best  man, and groomsman, be sure everyone knows the importance of their title.

2. Groomsman Attire.  

Although the groomsmen will be responsible for the investment of their attire, the bride and groom will work together on the color scheme and style. Then, the groom will take the lead on making sure it gets done. This can get a little complex, especially if schedules are not in sync, and you choose groomsmen who reside in a different state. One suggestion I like to offer to my grooms when groomsmen are not in the same state, is to choose a tuxedo shop that has locations in various states (i.e. Men’s Wearhouse

3. Marriage License. 

Every state is different (This is where you and Google will become best friends). 

You will need to research the following:

  1. Your state’s requirements on how to apply.
  2. If both you and your fiancé have to be present (Some states require both parties to apply in person).
  3. If there is a waiting period (Some states require a waiting period between the time you apply for the license, and when the ceremony takes place). Knowing that information will help determine when you should apply for the license. You do not want to apply too soon, and risk the license expiring before the wedding date.

4. Rehearsal Dinner. 

It has been customary (but not mandatory) for the rehearsal dinner to be hosted by the groom’s parents. However, the pre-ceremony event can be a group effort, between the couple and their parents. The dinner usually takes place the night before the wedding, and is usually for the wedding party and their spouses, officiant and immediate family members of the bride and groom. Depending on the budget, you may decide to invite out-of-town guests (optional). 

5. Honeymoon. 

The groom coordinates the details of the honeymoon. The bride may have input, but she doesn’t have to know all the details (Give her a few surprises to look forward to). As you are speaking with hotels and transportation, be sure to mention that you are planning your honeymoon…it may get you a few perks!

As you (and your bae) move forward with wedding planning, I hope these five (5) tips give you the start to a happily ever after.